Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed Oil Cottonseed Oil Cottonseed oil is categorised as a vegetable oil. It is extracted from the cottonseeds and is generally used for cooking. Since cottonseed oil does not require hydrogenation, it is lower in cholesterol than many other oils and has little to no trans-fats per serving. In general, seed oils are preferred for diets that require lowered intakes of saturated fats.

These properties make cottonseed oil the best option for preparing healthier foods. Cottonseed oil is produced in our plant in Livadia. Cotton seed is fed to expeller presses to produce cotton Cake and cotton seed oil. Cotton seed oil is then neutralised, filtered and purified to reach superior quality levels. Test results showed that our cottonseed oil has 0,08 - 0,11 acidity and 18%-20 % oil.

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