The entrepreneurial activities of the Markou brothers in the cotton market first emerged in 1955. Backed by experience in cotton ginning and grain sector, while also offering reliable services, the Group managed to establish for itself a solid standing among global suppliers in the cotton and grain industries.

In 1955, four siblings, Anastasios, Dimitrios, Ilias and Konstantinos Markou, began ginning cotton at facilities in the Livadia region, mid-north Greece.

In 1969, the Group launched its seed processing facility and, a few years later, in 1978, it also started operating a cotton ginning industrial plant both in Livadia. In 1994, the company began operating a second cotton ginning industrial plant in Achillio, Larissa, mid-north Greece. The firm now served farmers and producers in both the Livadia and Larissa regions, which represent more than half of Greece’s total cotton production. In 2004, the Markou group acquired yet another industrial facility, a silo that formerly belonged to the state in Velestino, Volos, mid-eastern mainland Greece. The move further increased the company’s commercial capacity, as it could now store, maintain, and distribute all of the Markou group’s products.

Facilities in livadia

Nowadays, the Group is active in cotton ginning, as well as trade of cotton, grain, and animal feed. The firm is one of the oldest and largest cotton ginning companies and traders in Greece. The firm trades grains covering the categories of soft wheat, hard wheat, barley, corn, and oat. Other items traded the firm include cotton seed, cotton cake, soya flour, and sugar pie.