Each bale coming out of our factories is quality tested which is vital for its grading and classification in establishing its market value and furthermore assists in the assembling of even-like lots supplied to our customers’ spinning mills around the world.

Due to our customers’ continuous and growing need of cotton supply, we trade raw cotton as well.

Our experienced cotton traders are physically selecting the cotton bales, certifying that the quality characteristics match ours and our customers’ standards.

We protect and promote our suppliers and customers interests by being members of the International Cotton Association (ICA) since 2000.

We trade under the ICA’s bylaws and rules where applicable. Our ginned cotton is exported in more than 10 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Whole cottonseed is an excellent feed ingredient for cattle, especially lactating cows. The high level of energy (fat), protein, and effective fibre in whole cottonseed has the potential to highly increase milk production and butterfat when added to the ration.

Cotton Cake

By-product of pressing cotton seed and extracting the oil.

It is an ideal feedstuff for sheep, lambs and goats, and can be fed directly to the animals. Being very high in protein and fibre, it is an ideal food to enhance weight gain in the animals.

Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the expeller pressing (mechanical extraction process) of just the seeds of cotton plants, from which cottonseed cake (animal feed with about 6% oil content) and crude cottonseed oil (at around 12% of the amount of seeds) are produced.


Wheat is the second largest cereal grain produced, consumed and traded in the world today. Konstantinos V. Markou S.A. is trading corn suitable for animal feed from several European countries. Barley is an ideal as a ruminant feed, with an average protein level between 11 -12%. Oats have a high nutritional value, they are mainly used for animal feed but in the last 10 years they are also used in human nutrition.

Agricultural Supplies

We cover any customer’s need regarding agricultural supplies such as fertilizers, herbicides and sowing seeds under high quality standards and strong expertise.

Agricultural Supplies